Dine Downtown: Jennifer from People + Places + Things reviews Dawson’s menu


Jennifer’s love affair with Dine Downtown started…. oh, about 7-8 years ago when she was the girl in charge of putting it all together. That’s right. Jen used to work at the Downtown Sacramento Partnership and once had the task of coordinating this entire shindig. And just like its an amazing testimony to a great restaurant when an ex-employee still wants to go back time and again to eat the food, so too is it a testimony to Dine Downtown that several years after working at the DSP Jen still makes it a point to partake in this promotion every year.

This year, she decided to review a Dine Downtown menu for her blog, the excellent People + Places + Things. She ended up heading to Dawson’s at the Hyatt, an oft over-looked choice that those lucky enough to dine there always seem to rave about. To quote Jen:

If I could adequately describe the look on my husband’s face when he took his first bite of short ribs, I would. His eyes got really big, he mumbled something resembling “oh man…that’s good,” and kept eating. Needless to say, he was happy with his choice.


Read the rest of the review:
People + Places + Things: Dine Downtown: Dawson’s at the Hyatt


Please note: The photo above is not of Jen and her husband, but it IS of Dawson’s at the Hyatt. Although, we would very much love to see Jen and her hubs in the exact same pose. Maybe that’s another blog post. For more information on Dine Downtown visit our event page, like us on Facebook, or join in the twitter conversation, using the hastag #dinedowntown.


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