Dine Downtown: Melissa from Best Friends for Frosting


The Melting Pot is one of those Downtown favorites that everyone has heard of. Known for its romantic atmosphere,  it’s a fondue restaurant on H and 15th that is just perfect for a long leisurely meal with a date. Complete with built in entertainment… the food! And oh! The food. Its so good. Its like a choose your own adventure meal.

Recently for Dine Downtown, Melissa from Best Friends for Frosting was able to check out the menu at The Melting Pot. She’d never been to the restaurant before, so she was eager to see if it lived up to all the great word of mouth she’s heard. So how is The Melting Pot’s Dine Downtown treatment?

Read the full review:

Best Friends for Frosting: Dine Downtown Preview at The Melting Pot

Photo courtesy of Best Friends for Frosting.


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