Show Kings Fans Your Business Supports The Downtown Arena Effort


We’ve been getting a lot of questions from our downtown business community of what individual businesses and merchants can do to support the effort for a Downtown Sacramento arena as we get closer to the NBA Board of Governors meeting in April.

The Here We Buy games are a great way for your business to not only help you show support for the Kings staying in Sacramento and building a Downtown arena, but also potentially gain some visibility.

#HereWeBuy Night #2
Sunday March 24th,  Kings v. 76ers game has been dubbed #HereWeBuy night by the local grassroots campaigns to keep the team in Sacramento. Kings supporters are planning to have a tailgate party, lead chants, and have other activities throughout the game. The goal: continuing to illustrate to the NBA that Sacramento is still a viable market, even in the face of adversity, right before the April Board of Governors meeting that will decide the fate of the Downtown Arena.

Downtown business owners, managers, and employees are encouraged to:

  • Get a group together and buy tickets to the game. Get DISCOUNT tickets using this link, and enter Offer Code “cowbell”.
  • Make big signs with the company logo announcing that YOUR business supports the a Downtown Sacramento Arena.
  • Have all of your staff wear their company shirts and wave the sign proudly during the game.

We’d love to see whole groups of Downtown businesses showing their support through signage. Kings fans want to support businesses that support their team, and this is a great way to show you want the Kings to stay and an arena to be built Downtown.

Thanks to both Blake Ellington at Bleed Black and Purple  for contributing content to this blog.  For any DSP / Downtown specific questions, please call Megan Emmerling at 916-442-8575 or email her at


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  1. Brandon James, 1 year ago

    i think it would be a great new edition to our sacramento downtown area not only will it light up downtown but encourage our shoppers and pedestrians to walk in downtown and shop and see sights and new sights and new upcoming sights it would really bring our downtowns popularity up and attract new tourist it it be great for downtown


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