Meet the Semi-Finalists

Ten aspiring business owners will continue on in the competition to open a storefront in downtown Sacramento.

The ten semi-finalists are Milk House Shakes, Churro Project, Miscellaneous, Pizza Supreme Being, The showRHoom, Sacramento Whiskey Co., The Kitchen Table, The Modern Doll Museum, The Novel Tea, and Vity.

Meet the 2017 Calling All Dreamers Finalists


What makes Milk House Shakes different than just another ice cream parlor? Every shake at Milk House Shakes will be named after US Presidents! With shakes like the “George Washington,” featuring vanilla ice cream with apple pie filling, pie crust crumbs and topped with a cherry, Milk House Shakes will be a combination of Kelly Boyles’s love of US History and her fondness for milkshakes.

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Peter and Chris Syravong – two brothers born and raised in Sacramento – are vying to add to a tasty new treat to downtown Sacramento’s dessert scene. The shop will offer classic treats – churros and ice cream – with a modern twist and customized flavors. With a focus on Sacramento culture, Churro Project is intent on becoming THE dessert destination.

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Miscellaneous is a new concept for a retail store. William and Gabriela Mendoza want to offer space, shelving and furniture to business owners with products to sell without the overhead of owning a store. Focused on growing its vendors, Miscellaneous will give them the ability to network, attend workshops, and learn about subjects of interest to grow their business.


With the business motto, “Smile. Have Fun. Eat Pizza.”, Ben Roberts’s Pizza Supreme Being is a craft wood-fire pizzeria with a punk rock ethos – sweet on nostalgia, simplicity and making people smile. The new fast-casual restaurant will offer counter service for takeout, featuring locally sourced ingredients. Even better, guests can watch their pizza being hand stretched, topped and baked!

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The one-stop shopping experience, The showRHoom, will feature local fashion and accessory designers while providing a platform for designers to gain additional exposure and increase revenue from their brand. Richard Hallmarq’s vision for The showRHoom would give customers the same experience that they would have in an upscale designer showroom.

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Sacramento Whiskey Co. will be Sacramento’s first distillery since prohibition. With Sacramento Whiskey Co., Joe Ledbetter aims to establish a “must see” destination for visitors of downtown Sacramento while being the region’s leader in the production of premium distilled whiskeys. Superior quality will be the mantra: from the selection of grains to other raw materials and more.

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Susan O’Brien’s dream to create a space where the community can gather to celebrate their love of food will come to life with The Kitchen Table, a boutique featuring specially curated kitchen items. The shop will showcase local Sacramento products, making it perfect for locals looking for a hostess gift or visitors who want to bring home something quintessentially Sacramento.



Randy and Sam Peña plan on creating a toy museum in Sacramento centered around modern fashion dolls. They want to establish a doll museum so the public can enjoy and explore the history and world of dolls, learn about the art and craftsmanship surrounding doll creation, and understand and appreciate the design and manufacturing processes implemented throughout the centuries of doll making.



Dr. Cid Gunston-Parks and Dr. Ellen Arden-Ogle want to make The Novel Tea a downtown destination. The Novel Tea will be a combination artisan tea shop, tea room, and bookstore. Featuring custom blended teas by a certified tea sommelier, customers will have the option to personalize their cup of tea themselves at the tea bar, or watch as the sommelier crafts one of The Novel Tea’s proprietary blends.

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Jade Epps wants Vity to empower every customer when it comes to their skin care process. Vity will specialize in making customized skin care products for every individual, at an affordable price. Customers will have the opportunity to participate in a “build your own” type of experience, with the result being their own specialized skin care line.

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