Careers at DSP

Our mission drives us: Make Downtown Sacramento a better place to live, work and play.

Downtown drives for our regional economy and is source of civic pride. We consistently strive to move Sacramento forward through effective public-private collaboration and serve as the collective voice for downtown property owners.

We believe that cities are built for people – downtown’s residents, visitors, and workforce. So, our work is driven by our people – the DSP team.


Job Opportunities

If you would to play a part in shaping our community’s future, the following job opportunities are available through the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.

Downtown Guide (Part-Time)

This part-time position reports to the Clean & Safe Manager and is part of the Downtown Sacramento Partnership street team. This position patrols the downtown district from Front Street to 16th Street and from H to L streets acting as an information ambassador for the general public and downtown business community equipped with maps, two-way radios, and smart phones. Downtown Guides act as the eyes and ears for Downtown police and local officials, work in direct partnership with the Downtown merchants to keep an open line of communication between local agencies and the people they serve. The incumbent will educate the public on local and state laws and codes.

Knowledge/Skills required:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Customer service experience
  • Knowledge of downtown landmarks
  • Knowledge of the downtown traffic grid
  • Strong work ethic
  • Applicant must be a people person

Physical Requirements: Incumbent must be able to patrol (walk) on foot for a 10 hour shift exposed to all weather elements (hot, cold, rain, sunshine). Incumbent will be expected to navigate varied terrain including curbs, sidewalks, grass, uneven dirt and boardwalks, etc. This position will patrol regardless of weather conditions.

Hours: Part-time (20-30 hours) and must be available 7 days a week between the hours of 8:00am to 10:00pm (10 hour shifts)

To apply: Send your resume and cover letter to


Clean Streets (Part-Time)

The incumbent in this position is responsible for ensuring that downtown employees, visitors, and residents have an enjoyable experience. Team members will keep the downtown district stain, litter, graffiti and odor free. He/She will proactively accomplish duties, and relay suggestions to improve the service to the Team Supervisor. Team members will operate assigned equipment safely and effectively. He/She will focus on maintaining the highest team safety and moral levels and will be held responsible for the quality of their work.
Specific Duties: 

  • 80% Field Work: cleaning stains, graffiti, debris, and odors
  • 10% Equipment Maintenance: Performing maintenance functions on equipment
  • 5% Briefings: meeting with the Team Supervisor regarding the day’s duties and assignments
  • 5% Misc. (field trips, training, merchants complaints,. Etc.)
  • Other duties as assigned

Knowledge/Skills required by the Job

  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Maintenance experience
  • Knowledgeable in motor maintenance/repair
  • Clean driving record
  • Able to operate various pieces of machinery
  • Good knowledge of cleaning products and equipment
  • Knowledge of downtown
  • Strong work ethic
  • Proactively completes tasks and problem solves
  • Knowledge of downtown retailers and services
  • Working knowledge of radio “9 codes”, phonetic alphabet, and radio procedures
  • Working knowledge of local and state codes and ordinances
  • Document all activity on appropriate forms

Responsibility: Incumbent will operate cleaning equipment covering the entire 66 square block area of the Business Improvement District maintaining a pleasant approachable demeanor as well as ensuring his/her area is clean. He/She will perform a maintenance check before and after using maintenance equipment. Team member will maintain a clean and neat uniform including jacket, pants, shirt, hat, gloves, boots/shoes, and belt. He/She must establish the proper dress for current weather conditions. Incumbent will attend all mandatory in service training and required meetings. Incumbent will accurately document all required forms of data collection.

Personal Relations: Incumbent will work as a team member to his/her fellow Clean Streets Team as well as the Community Service Guides and Navigator Program. While on patrol, incumbent will meet with Team Members to exchange work related information or to assist in completing a task. Incumbent will actively greet citizens while performing his/her patrol.

Physical Requirements: Incumbent must be able to patrol (walk) on foot for a 4-10 hour shift exposed to all weather elements (Hot, Cold, Rain, Sunshine). Incumbent will be expected to navigate varied terrain including curbs, sidewalks, grass, uneven dirt and boardwalks etc. Incumbent must be able to carry a full fanny pack about their waste, wear shoes, socks, shorts, undershirt, and polo shirt, ball cap, and radio during the entire shift. Incumbent must be able to operate all equipment used by the Clean Streets Team. Incumbent must be able to lift at least 80 lbs.

Work Environment: Incumbent will spend the majority of his/her shift maintaining the downtown Sacramento Area. The incumbent will be exposed to various members of the public as well as workers from the public and private sectors. Incumbent will patrol regardless of weather conditions. Rain gear will be provided by the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.

Hours: Part-time (20-30 hours) and must be available 7 days a week between the hours of 5:50am to 10:00pm

To apply: Send your resume and cover letter to